Ryan Gardner

Ryan Gardner
Managing Partner and CEO

Ryan has been involved in a very successful Internet marketing company since 2001 when the Internet began! Promoting everything from supplements, biz opp, and lead generation. With his twin brother Jeff Gardner, their affiliate network (with only 3 other employees) did over $25M+ in revenue in 2010 driving traffic. Ryan and Jeff also saw that social media was trending and started their own Social media agency in the beginning of 2015.

Eventually, Ryan and Jeff realized it was best to promote their own offer and products.

His involvement with Deer Antler Spray began before it became headline news with professional sports. Ryan purchased the domain name DeerAntlerSpray.com in 2013 prior to Ray Lewis getting accused of taking it before the Super Bowl and sales exploded overnight. Ryan says it was "Right Time...Right Place" and attributes it to being blessed and by working smart and hard. Shortly after the Super Bowl he got Deer Antler Spray into GNC and sold thousands of bottles a week for the next two years. Ryan, with the help of Jose Reyes who owned his own GNC, came up with the idea to launch a Pre Workout. Despite the wishes and threat of being "grounded" by his parents he purchased BUCKEDUP.com for $1500 and named the first pre workout "Bucked Up". With a great logo, flavor profile, right ingredients, and a non proprietary blend the company has never looked back and making waves in the supplement industry.

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes
VP of Operations

Jose Reyes, was born in Juarez, Mexico, to an American soldier, and a Mexican mother. Prior to his birth, his father was deployed to Korea, and Jose, would not meet him for another 24 years. Moving to the states in elementary school, Jose, quickly assimilated and became your typical American kid. Stickball, talkies at the drive in, and milkshakes by the jukebox. After graduating high-school, and entering the real "adult" world, Jose, learned that he had no legal status in the U.S. and started the long and challenging process of obtaining citizenship.

This was a huge blessing in disguise, as it honed Jose's ability to thrive under pressure, and grow the muscles that are: critical thinking, and common sense, which we have all learned, is not that common. Having to work odd & end sales, service, and construction jobs, made Jose very versatile, taught him a strong work ethic both mentally and physically. At the age of 24, after meeting his father, and going through the process, Jose, became a U.S. citizen. Life eventually led Jose to partnering into a GNC. This GNC led the nation in growth for 3 straight years. Later, at a GNC convention he met Ryan Gardner, and began discussions on why formulas and companies thrive or go under in our industry.

Ryan & Jose, both saw the void, and how synergistically with their backgrounds + work ethic could fulfill a need not being met by the traditional giants of the supplement industry. (and the rest is history.)

Erin Bettner

Erin Bettner
Chief Marketing Officer

Erin is an online/affiliate veteran with almost 20 years experience in all aspects of online customer acquisition that includes, e-commerce, direct response and digital products. Erin has extensive experience that includes driving 8- figure revenue per year via Facebook, managing partner social media buys/relationships with a hyper-focus on analytics, KPIs and optimizations. For the past 4 years Erin has been involved with natural health company that promoted diet programs, exercise programs, and supplements direct to consumers. With her past company she helped increase customer acquisition revenue from $4.4M in 2016 to $14.5M in 2018. Her personal media buying efforts attributed to over 350k paid transactions in 2018. With her vast knowledge of optimizing landing pages, media spends, and working with very secure relationships with prominent advertisers within the health and fitness vertical will help take DAS LABS to another level.

Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner
Sales Director

Daniel Gardner is the youngest of 8 siblings. Grew up working hard with lots of chores on a Ranch like home. Dedicated most of his time and effort to wrestling where he eventually won a State Title in his senior yr of high school. He served a 2 yr mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Jamaica. Daniel is married to his beautiful wife Ashley and they have two children: Hudson 3 yrs old and Everett 1 yr old. Worked for 7 years in the online Affiliate marketing industry. Worked for Vivint for 2 years where he was in the top 10% for door to door sales. Left there and became a loan officer for a company where he was the top 100 loan officers in the nation for loans closed. After hearing of all the success his brothers company Bucked Up is having they asked Daniel to come over to help manage and operate the wholesale side of the company. He has been with the company for 1 year now. On the day to day he deals with all of the sales reps, and manages all of the big box stores to keep all of their accounts current with inventory and accounting. When needed he will also fly out to whatever expos and events, basically whatever is needing to be done you can ask him to get it done and it will be.

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Dave Edwards comes to Bucked Up with 20 years of finance, accounting and tax experience. He is from Kaysville, Utah, and is the second of 5 children. He grew up loving and playing sports. After graduating from Davis High, he went on a two year mission to Estonia. After that, he pursued his professional education with a degree in finance from the University of Utah (Go Utes!) and an MBA from Westminster College. His career path started with accounting, tax and business valuation work in Salt Lake. After becoming a CPA, he entered the public accounting world, where he focused on tax and accounting for middle market business. His client base was comprised of companies with $50-$700 Million in revenue. He also managed banking relationships and reporting for his clients, as well as buy side and sell side merger and acquisition consulting. He left public accounting to become the CFO for a client, coming on board at a time of rapid growth. Having guided them through that growth trajectory, he helped them ultimately realize an exit to a private equity group.

Dave currently lives in Syracuse Utah with his wife Kendra and four daughters. He is excited to join the DAS LABS team as they continue to expand their amazing brand.

Our Mission

At DAS LABS, we plan on becoming a leader in the supplement industry just as we have become a leader in the deer antler velvet industry with our Deer Antler Spray IGF-1 and Endurance. Having recently launched Bucked Up®, a non proprietary blend pre-workout formula. We aim to fuel athletes on all levels, from weekend warriors to professionals, and everything in between. Our goal is to keep their bodies performing at their highest level. There is nothing more satisfying than achieving a goal you thought was impossible. Let us help you reach your goals and then push past them.

Providing our customers with the best products available on the market is a top priority to us. We use only the highest quality ingredients and would never put something out there that we could not back 100%. We have 2 products available already that are leading the industry in their quality and effectiveness, and look forward to the launch of 2 more this year. Bucked Up® is set to raise the bar in pre-workout supplements and Deer Antler Spray HERS is specially formulated for our female athletes looking for a supplement tailored to meet their specific needs. At Deer Antler Spray, the future is bright. We look forward to sharing in your successes just as you share in ours.

We value our customers and take pride in their accomplishments. We welcome feedback and take great pleasure in hearing ways that our product has helped you succeed in achieving your goals.

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