Packed with Clinically
Proven Ingredients!

ENERGY — Dynamine® + 300mg Caffeine

ENDURANCE — Beta-Alanine and Deer Antler Velvet Extract

FOCUS — AlphaSize®, TeaCrine®, Korean Red Ginseng, and Huperzine A

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Blood Raz

We aren't them.

We didn't start with soda.

We've never dumped caffeine into something and tried passing it off as an "energy" drink.

Because we know energy. Not just the kind of energy you get from caffeine - we're talking REAL energy - the kind that gets you going and keeps you going.

We come from sports nutrition.

We helped athletes achieve their fitness goals.

Now we're here to help you, whoever you are:

  • The entrepreneur with a sales pitch to dominate.
  • The college kid with a mid-term to ace.
  • The gamer with competition to smash.
  • The server with two tables to greet & food in the window.
  • And even you: The stim-junkie who just won't crash.

Bucked Up Energy is blended with the devil you know - 300 mg of natural caffeine - as well as game-changers the other guys haven't even heard of.

Ingredients like:

  • Dynamine & TeaCrine to provide longer-lasting, time-released energy.
  • Nootropics Alpha GPC & Huperzine-A to boost your brain.
  • And of course, Beta-Alanine to tell your body it's time to work...

...or party...

..or whatever. You decide.

Energy you can feel.

Energy Drinks Lineup

When you feel it, you'll know —

You just got Bucked Up!


Dynamine (The Sharpshooter)

Dynamine (The Sharpshooter):

*Attacks tiredness with the accuracy of an adept sniper. In double-tap fashion, it targets neuro-activators, then the central nervous system. Because of its expert marksmanship, Dynamine has no adverse effect on blood pressure, cardiovascular system, adrenals, or vasoconstriction.

TreCrine (The Overachiever)

TeaCrine (The Overachiever)

*TeaCrine is the guy that can study for days, exercise for hours, and still out-drink you on the weekends. It kicks in right as Caffeine's peak ends. Then keeps going.

Caffeine: (The Shotgun)

Caffeine: (The Shotgun)

*300mg of the second most-abused drug in the world. You know what it does: unloads shotgun rounds on your adenosine receptors—neurotransmitters responsible for sleepiness.

AlphaSize® The Whiz Kid

AlphaSize®: (The Whiz Kid)

*Clinically shown to increase mental sharpness, learning capacity, and memory. Bucked Up Energy sends your energy levels into hyperdrive. You'll need the brain boost just to keep up.

East Meets West Formula (The Science Sage)

East Meets West Formula (The Science Sage)

*Why choose between enlightenment and educated when you can achieve both? Bucked Up Energy combines clinically studied stimulants with ancient homeopathic remedies. Enjoy the benefits of energy today. Build yourself a better tomorrow.

Beta-Alanine (The "Tingling" aka Upgrade)

Beta-Alanine (The "Tingling" aka Upgrade)

*Like the cover says: "Don't panic." You aren't having an allergic reaction. That "tingling" is what upgraded reaction time feels like. It's the signal that your body is downloading the closest thing to superpowers that we humans are allowed to enjoy. Beta-Alanine boosts endurance, stamina, and has been shown to increase focus during stress. Exactly what you want at a time like this.

6 AMAZING Flavors!

Blood Raz

Blood Raz

Blood Raz tastes like Inception—or literally any Chris Nolan film—you know it's brilliant, but you can't figure out why.

I can tell you Blood Raz is a watermelon flavor and you'll taste sweet summer days by the barbecue. Or I can say it's Raspberry and you'll recall that succulent jam you got from the nice old couple at the farmer's market.

Blood Raz manages to be sweet, succulent, and tart. And it's sugar-free.

That's right. Zero sugars.

Drink up and taste that ambiguous goodness.

Blue Raz

Blue Raz

This divinely inspired beverage tastes like magic and delivers energy so powerful it's almost as if the drink was conjured straight from myth.

Here's a secret: It was.

Scientists claim blue raspberries don't exist. They claim we got the coveted blue raspberry flavor from Whitebark raspberries.

We don't judge them for their ignorance. We doubted the legends too.

Then we saw it -- the only place where real blue raspberries grow. A city located within the Bermuda Triangle, hundreds of leagues under the sea.

Scholars called it Atlantis. But we know it as the largest blue raspberry farm on the planet. We made a deal. To keep their location secret, in exchange for their divine fruit.

And that's how we're able to make Blue Raz with ZERO SUGAR.

Atlantis Magic.

Sweet, tangy, and packed with ingredients that provide clean energy, this fictionally flavored energy drink is the perfect way to stay at the top of your game.

Grape Gainz

Grape Gainz

Welcome to your chambers, my liege.

A richly decorated room of beautiful humans who have only your comfort and energy in mind. Sit back and relax. Let us feed you clusters of red grapes and tell you how wonderful you are. You deserve the adoration.

(Emperors, Caesars, Kings, Conquistadors, there's a reason why when fanned with an olive leaf, chose to be fed grapes. The struggle of the shrinking middle class is real, but let us offer you the escape of a prince on the budget of a pauper.)

Can you imagine it? Then pour yourself a goblet of Bucked UP Energy

Grape. Crisp and tantalizing, with a hint of sweet, sweet fealty, it's packed with a potent energy formula and it has zero-sugars.

Drink up. The party can't start without you. And if you want to party like kings and queens, then you'll need the energy.

Killa OJ

Killa OJ

We were told the key to a healthy diet was a balanced breakfast.

Commercials told us to drink orange juice, eat an apple, and three bowls of cereal.

We were told wrong.

This is the 21st century.

We don't have time for balance. We work two jobs, build empires, take care of the family, and train every day. Orange juice can't keep up with us anymore.

We need something sugar free. Something that won't make us crash two hours later. Something that won't spike insulin -- with the rising costs of insurance, who can afford Diabetes?

What we need is a drink that isn't just revitalizing, but delicious too. It needs to remind us of balance, but still keep us energized throughout the day.

Killa OJ is that drink. It's the better, stronger, more complete version of orange juice.

Bonus: no pulp.

Rocket Pop

Rocket Pop

Rocket Pop is time travel. It takes you back to your childhood. Fourth of July parades, fireworks, and best of all...Red, White, and Blue popsicles under a shady tree.

Rocket Pop is America -- before mass shootings, before the 2nd Amendment was threatened, before cloak and dagger politics. It's the flavor of freedom. Of religion. Of speech. Of thought. Of tastes.

Don't let anyone tread on you. Drink what you want to drink. Love who you want to love. Just do you.

So go ahead.

Pop open a cold Rocket Pop and enjoy the flavor of freedom.

Wild Orchard

Wild Orchard

We won't tell you that Bucked Up Energy Wild Orchard tastes like paradise.

We won't describe its flavor with a picturesque setting. Autumn Evenings in British Columbia. Expansive Anjous pear orchards nestled between snow-capped mountains. (The kind Bob Ross can't even keep secret.)

We won't paint a picture of a horizon where sunlight cascades over rolling hills. California vineyards and their white grapes—still wet from morning.

We could. But we won't.

Wild Orchard's perfectly balanced flavor teleports you to serenity all on its own. Succulent white grapes—plucked one-by-one from their vines.

The first bite into a sweet, ambrosial pear—crisp and juicy.

Warning: Upon drinking Wild Orchard, you might be tempted to close your eyes, embrace the breeze, and let your mind drift.

Your life isn't a soda commercial, but who cares? Let the people stare.

Bucked Up® Energy — Ingredients

BUCKED UP® ENERGY doesn't try giving you wings. It doesn't cure cancer or Alzheimer's—or literally every other illness out there.

BUCKED UP® ENERGY does what any energy drink should do: *It delivers clean energy, improved focus, and a sense that everything's right in the world. Liquid euphoria might not be the perfect description, but ecstasy might give you the wrong idea.