Bucks grow new antlers every year just before mating season. Before they calcify, these antlers are velvety and cartilaginous; replete of nerves and blood vessels. This amazing growth spurt takes place over the course of just a couple of months.

The incredible growth, and cellular repair that occur during deer antler creation is the factor that pointed research scientists in the direction of discovering what would eventually be a wide array of applicable benefits in human biochemistry. Imagine, the power of spontaneous cellular regeneration at your fingertips!

The biochemical extract from deer velvet produces an Insulin-like Growth Hormone or IGF-1 that is uniquely powerful. In testing this biochemical agent, scientists have found that nerve repair and cellular integrity are vastly improved by the introduction of this chemical.

It was discovered that with the addition of the hormone, spinal cord motor neurons repair themselves; and they did so at a rate several times faster than the rate at which they degrade, thereby sharpening your mental acuity and tenacity.

Cellular repair and integrity is especially important in keeping one’s immune system at it’s highest level. The rigors of an intense workout regimen can cause one’s immune system to suffer. This means faster healing of the micro tears in muscle tissue that result from exertion, which translates into less downtime after those especially tough workouts. Whether you’re training for elite athletic competition, or training to become a better you; achieve your goals faster than you imagined with Deer Antler Spray.

Insulin-like Growth Hormone is also effective in speeding up one’s metabolism; but preserves muscle tissue. Which means it works with any diet plan, but doesn’t affect your progress when it comes to muscle growth. This is especially helpful when you decide to up your cardiovascular workout intensity and move to the next level of your personal fitness goals. Your efforts in the gym are filled with more energy than before so much so that your progress will be tangible and measurable.

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