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What is Keto (Ketosis)?

Ketosis is the mode in which your body enters when it doesn't have anymore carbs/glucose to burn and start burning FAT for fuel. You will be burning 95% fat at this point "All day Every day"...even when you are sleeping!

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is High Fat, Moderate Protein, and Low Carb for beginners. There are several adaptations you can make depending on your activity levels. (Which will be explained further)

When would someone want to do Keto?

When you're Sick of getting passed up for promotions. Don't feel yourself and have lack of motivation. Overweight and have no sex drive. If you feel energy crash by mid afternoon. When you're Sick of meal prepping. Sick and tired of the taste of chicken and rice. What could you accomplish if you were the optimal YOU and took control of your life?

Why do Keto?

Benefits of the Keto diet include Lose Fat, Decrease Body Inflammation, Increase Brain performance, Increase Sex Drive, hormone balance and optimization, and more! We will also show you how to maintain and BUILD muscle on the Keto Diet!

Any side effects of Keto?

There are a few (haha) rumors of Keto Diet side effects. Such as Keto Flu, Dehydration, Bloating, putting on more weight (because of carbs), sleeplessness... ALL which should never happen if you follow the Keto Plan.

How to do a Keto Diet?

You're not doing the Keto Diet alone as we are going to help you. Our course is designed with over 10 years of experience research and application to help you remove all the headaches that come with doing a Keto Diet improperly. The Keto diet should be a smooth transition to burn fat for fuel all day long every day. Our plans below will simplify and maximize your Keto experience. Keto is NOT a lifestyle (like other may promote and sell you on) but it is a stepping stone to help lose weight, and to help your body and mind.

Who should do Keto?

Everyone could do Keto.

This is not a KETO for LIFE program in fact we don't actually believe in KETO for Life! This is a great way to get started with losing weight and helping your body achieve Ketosis. We want you to understand how this will help you by getting your body's Ketones rolling! Then you can go in and out of Ketosis when you want desire.

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