L-Citrulline is a key ingredient to Bucked Up® pre workout which contains a full 6 grams of bioavailable L-Citrulline. L-ctirulline is an amino acid which actually turns into L-arginine in the kidneys after supplemenation. In fact, because of this, it is more effective at increasing L-arginine levels in your body than L-arginine itself! So, what does that mean for you? Along with its ability to increase blood flow, it has been shown to increase exercise capacity and reduce muscle fatigue.*

Blood Flow

I want you to think of your muscle as a deflated tire, and your blood as the air that's needed to inflate that tire. If we want to drive anywhere we'll need to pump air into the tire, and likewise if we want performance from our muscle, we need to drive blood into that muscle. The higher the performance, the more we'll need. That blood carries precious oxygen & nutrients that are vital to the function of that muscle. Sure, you could pump a little air in there, just enough to get by, using a tiny little bike pump, but we don't want to be a bike, we want to be a Formula 1 car, right? When a race car pulls into a pit stop there's not a bike pump anywhere to be found, they are using a high pressured air pump to fill those tires up to the maximum PSI, for maximum performance. L-Citrulline is the tool that will take you to maximum performance, giving you a muscle so oxygen rich, so well nourished, so full, you'll be able to accomplish goals you always thought were out of your grasp.*


There are many aspects that go into recovery: rest, nutrition, genetics, age, etc. Something that is often overlooked is glucose uptake. We grow up hearing things like "Sugar is the devil" & "My brother is living on the streets as a sugar addict." However, this is only half true. Sugar is vital for the growth and recovery of muscle. Taken post workout sugar refeeds your muscle, and prevents the cannibalism of your own body. Where people get in trouble is consuming more sugar than they need, and it is therefore stored. Think of it as trying to fill up a tank of gas when it's already full. The excess gas will spill out. It's the same principle; only instead of spilling out, our body simply stores it in the form of a new tank for future fuel. Pumping more fuel into your body than your body can burn off, will plain and simply, make you fat. L-Citrulline plays a vital role in sugar uptake. When we maximize sugar uptake into our muscles we may be less likely to store it & convert it into fat , more likely to use it for fuel, and most importantly, it may lead to greater muscle recovery. Leading to greater, overall body composition.*


Aside from looking fabulous, really fit people have something in common, ATP regeneration. (Andenosine Triphosphate Regeneration) ATP is the energy source inside the cell causing it to fire. When our cells are firing we are burning through our ATP. The more intense the firing, the more ATP they take up. You can gauge your ATP by running at full sprint. You'll blast through your ATP, and start to slow down & when you eventually run out, you'll have to come to a rest. You run out of juice, and need a recharge. While resting, your ATP may begin to regenerate. The good news is we can increase the rate ATP regenerates in our body. Obviously the faster the better. ATP is converted from sugar, fat and amino acids in the mitochondria of the cell; firing like a combustion engine. The better the fuel, the better the engine runs. Scientists believe that a higher quality amino like L-Citrulline may be the best fuel, and may produce the best performance.*

Endurance & Detox

99% of the time we think of endurance in relation to a workout, but we believe that endurance needs to extend well beyond your workouts. Sure you have the power to smash a workout, but do you get fatigued at work? Do you play with your kids when you get home? Can you do all your chores around the house? Could you fight a bear? You know, just accomplishing the regular every day things you need to do. Which at the DAS Labs office happens to be the occasional bear fight. (Don't tell PETA)

Through physical exertion we build up lactic acid. Once lactic acid gets too high it may cause cramping, nausea, dehydration, fatigue, confusion, sleepiness, impaired breathing, and even acute liver failure. However, thanks to science power, many leading experts believe that since L-Citrulline plays such a vital part in the urea process, and has been show to produce more nitric oxide & L-Arganine than even the amino acid, L-Arganine, that it may lead to hyper levels of lactic acid flushing, and assist the liver in it's functions. We need to take care of our livers, we only get one of them. Not to mention that the liver is vital in weight management & body composition. We're not saying L-Citrulline will give you a super liver, and you can go out and party like a rock star every night, but maybe like it's 1999 every once and a while.*

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