Non-proprietary Blend Pre-Workout

Non Proprietary Blend Pre-Workout Formula

Bucked Up® by DAS Labs is a game changing pre-workout formula featuring non proprietary blend. Non-proprietary refers to full disclosure of every ingredient including their exact amounts. Proprietary mean a blend of listed ingredients leaving out their exact amounts.

Why Should you choose a non-proprietary blend pre-workout?

There are countless products on the market that tout "proprietary" as if that sets itself apart from the competitors. Proprietary can have its benefits (it helps to keep a company formula private). A proprietary blend will list the ingredients, but will not give you the actual dosage of each listed ingredient. FDA requires dietary ingredients in a proprietary blend be listed in order of predominance weight. First listed is the most abundant and the last listed is least abundant.

Most pre-workout supplements undercut the expensive ingredients and pump up the less expensive ingredients. This results in an ineffective pre-workout These companies will then use fancy marketing tactics and hire well-known athletes to back their products. Why? It works (for them). And consumers continue to fall for it. You get a less effective but cheaper product.

Non Proprietary pre-workout formulas will list each and every ingredient along with their amounts per serving. Full disclosure. This way you know what you are putting in your body. Before you spend your hard-earned money on pre-workout, make sure the ingredients have been proven by scientific research. Bucked Up® by DAS Labs is a non proprietary blend pre-workout formula containing scientifically researched ingredients.

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