*Our vision is to help athletes on every level achieve their goals. We look to empower athletes and give them the push they need to succeed. A healthy lifestyle is important to us, and we pride ourselves in helping contribute to the healthy lifestyles of our customers. Performance is key. We guarantee we can help you reach your peek performance and become the best version of yourself possible.

Mike Symkoviak
National Bodybuilding Competitor

Mike Symkoviak is a National level bodybuilding competitor, fitness model, sponsored athlete and Reality TV Star. Mike has won several notable bodybuilding and fitness competitions including, 2014 Jay Cutler Desert Classic overall bodybuilding champion, Mr. Utah 2013, 2013 Las Vegas classic bodybuilding 1st place super heavy weight and more. Mike has also been recognized in, Men’s workout Magazine, Rep’s Magazine, Muscle & body mag, Flex, Flex online, and GNC. Mike has been featured in video and life size ads at some of the worlds largest fitness expos such as Mr. Olympia, The Arnold Sports Festival and bodybuilding shows across the country. Mike is also well known as the webinar fitness instructor for the “The Fat Burning Furnace” a number one selling fitness e-book. He recently was filmed for instructional recipe videos and fitness workouts for Baddass T.V. Mike is a certified personal trainer, a certified health club manager, and has been training privately for the last 8 years.

Nikki Jensen
Bikini Competitor and Fitness Coach

Nikki is an NPC Bikini Competitor and Fitness Coach. She grew up in Spokane, Washington and then moved to Utah after graduating from High School to attend Brigham Young University. There, she earned her Bachelors degree in Health Science with a minor in Business Marketing. During college, Nikki continued to develop her love for fitness, while she played on BYU's Club Tennis Team, ran 6 half marathons, and played various intramural sports.

Competing in an NPC Bikini Competition was never something that Nkki had on her bucket list, but found a passion for lifting and decided it was a goal that she could work toward. Now with two competitions under her belt, she and Brandon (her husband) train together and use it as a hobby they can do as a couple.

Nikki has a strong belief that staying physically active helps in all aspects of one's life-not only physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. She hopes to be able to share her love and passion for living a healthy lifestyle and be an influence for good to everyone she comes in contact with.

Jake Benson
IPL Competitor

I began as a track athlete. I ran track in college as a 200m and 400m sprinter. After multiple injuries including a torn ACL my college sprinting career ended. I had always been a gym addict since I first started lifting at 12 years old so I spent more time in the gym lifting heavier weights and seeing what my body was able to do. I signed up for my first competition in early 2016. Now I'm a world class powerlifter in two weight categories (90kg & 100kg weight categories). I quickly began to set records.

First taking the Utah records in my first meet to now owning several World Records in the 90kg weight class. In my first year I placed 2nd at World Championships. Then the next year at USPA Nationals in July of 2017 I competed in the 100kg for my first time 10lbs underweight and still winning with just getting my openers. Next is Worlds Championships in November where I'm looking to win a gold medal and take the Squat, Deadlift and Total World Records!

Super Ambassadors

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Gage Reynolds
Personal/Group Trainer

I'm 25 years old, and was born in Yakima, Washington. I am a huge nerd. I love to read fantasy books and I love Pokémon, DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), and Zelda. If I'm not in the gym, you would probably find me skateboarding, snowboarding, longboarding, fishing, wakeboarding, or cliff jumping… I'm a huge adrenaline junkie, and I love being outside.

I was a multi-sport varsity athlete in high school competing in football, baseball, and track & field. I have been in the game of "Weight Training/Bodybuilding" since high school. While in high school I broke my back playing football, and had to get bigger/faster/stronger to even play sports again. After 2 years of training I went from 135 to 165 lbs. After high school I went on and played college football and earned Defensive MVP of the league.

When I was 19, I got certified to be a Personal Trainer through (N.A.S.M) and I fell in love with working out and exercising, and I wanted to help as many people as possible reach and achieve their goals. After College I went to Alaska and had the opportunity to get sponsored into my first show by the gym I worked out at. They needed a competitor for their gym and since I pretty much stay lean year round, I said, "Let's do this… as a physique athlete." I didn't place too well but won best arms at the show. I knew from then on this was for me.

I am a Personal/Group trainer at EAT (Elite Ambitions Training) in Richland, WA, and I absolutely love coaching young athletes and clients. I have been competing in bodybuilding shows for the past 5 years. I took 3rd place at the Empire Classic in 2016 to earn my NQ in "Classic Physique." Now, my current goal is to get my pro card.

Logan Trey Jones
Classic Physique Competitor

Logan is a Classic physique competitor born and raised in Hendersonville, NC. Growing up in a small town gave him a close-knit group of coaches and mentors to encourage him to achieve all his goals. He was raised by a single mother and is very close to his family which has given him an intense drive to crush the stereotypes and succeed at whatever he puts his mind to.

Logan was an athlete from a young age, beginning with soccer and went on to become on All-Star football player. He was a star running back and linebacker for his high school and receive numerous accolades and awards for his skills.

Logan enjoys fishing watching football on all levels and spending time with his family, he is a loving father to two girls Khloe, and Kali with a girlfriend of six years, Megan. When he is not with them working at his job as a granite installer he is at the gym chasing his fitness goals. Logan fell in love with bodybuilding shortly after high school and aspires to one day open his own fitness facility.

Logan may be new to the game, but he has all the right qualities to make it. He is competing in his first classic physique show in April 2018 and plans on working his way to the pros. Logan has the will and determination to take him to the next level.

Christian Craig
Certified Fitness Coach

Christian Craig is a certified fitness coach in Chandler, Arizona. He has been training since 2011 when he found his passion in the fitness industry after overcoming his own transformation from being obese, pre-diabetic, and having extremely low self-esteem.

He is now the head fitness trainer out of Scott's Training Systems where he works hands on with a wide variety of individuals including past and current Miss Arizona title holders, athletes and fitness competitors, and everyday weight loss clients. Christian was also featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine for 2016 Top Trend Setters of Arizona.

Not only is he using his physical appearance, but most importantly Christian uses his personal story of transformation along with his current and past mental state of mind to inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves physically and mentally.

Jo Ambeau
Men's Physique Competitor

Jo was born and raised in bayou country Louisiana now residing in Arizona. Jo is a National level Men's Physique competitor, personal trainer and entrepreneur. He has been in the health & wellness industry since 2011 as a nationally certified personal trainer/wellness coach. Jo has also been awarded Top 40 Under 40 successful entrepreneurs in the state of Louisiana. He owns his own personal training business named Total Body Anatomy, which offers boot camp classes, 1on1 training and nutrition coaching. Jo's ultimate goal is to inspire individuals to challenge themselves on a daily basis. His main agenda is creating healthy active lifestyles. His passion is wanting to travel the world sharing his ability to become a better you!

Brand Ambassadors

DAS Labs is currently seeking motivated and qualified individuals to help spread the word about Deer Antler Spray and Bucked Up and be rewarded for doing so. We look for motivated and qualified applicants with a large network. If you are networked, personable, motivated, and you think you have what it takes to be apart of Team Deer Antler, WE WANT YOU! Apply Now…

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