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Introducing the BUCKED UP BLACK series...

Ever find a song you couldn’t imagine being any better, then its remix drops and blows your mind? BUCKED UP BLACK is the pre-workout version of that. Everything you love from our staple pre-workout formula -- pump, focus, energy, hydration, endurance -- but with a twist. We added humic/fulvic acid, a mineral blend that helps detoxify the system and promotes healthy nutrient absorption.

BONUS: It actually turns black.

Add this powerful remix to your supplement stack and reap the benefits, both during your workouts and after.

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Introducing the BUCKED UP® BLACK Series…


BUCKED UP Black is the remix for anyone who’s as dedicated to their overall health as they are their training sessions. We've taken our flagship BUCKED UP formula and a special mineral blend to kick it up a notch.

By now, you’ve heard of activated charcoal, the trending supplement known and loved for its ability to cleanse the system. What you might not know is that activated charcoal has no chill; it doesn’t just detox heavy metals, it can also strip the body of vital nutrients.

Our special mineral blend, Humic/Fulvic acid, is like activated charcoal in the sense it can help cleanse the system. Unlike its more popular colleague, Humic/Fulvic acid can tell the difference between friend and foe, destroying toxins to help keep the nutrients we need doing their job -- keeping us healthy.

BUCKED UP BLACK doesn’t stop there. Whether you care about nutrient absorption as much as a seasoned biohacker or you practice IIFYM, you will love the benefits of improved nutrient absorption. Why: Nutrient absorption plays a critical role in how your body utilizes any nutrient, including the workout-enhancing ingredients found in BUCKED UP, making our BLACK pre-workout that much stronger.

We use only the best ingredients at their clinical doses. BUCKED UP can help you achieve:

  • Epic Energy
  • Endless Endurance
  • Priceless Pumps
  • Flawless Focus
  • Power, Performance, and Strength

Meriden Hocog
Ordered on
May 27th, 2021
Reviewed on
June 7th, 2021
I have the Limeade flavor. There were some tingles but it wasnt too much I couldnt take it. I was so hyped and I reach a PR today!!! Whoohoo!!

Flavor Ordered - Limeade

Alysia Sisco
Ordered on
May 23rd, 2021
Reviewed on
June 2nd, 2021
This product is my FAVORITE!!! So much extra push and just the right amount of tingle!!! The flavor is absolutely amazing!

Flavor Ordered - Deer Candy

How well did it work? - Very Well

Ordered on
May 23rd, 2021
Reviewed on
May 31st, 2021
Didn't mix very well for me. Didn't really keep me focused like I was hoping. Maybe my body is just to high stimulant pre workouts, so maybe the next couple times will be better. Flavor was good though, not really any kind of pre-work out after taste.

Flavor Ordered - Rainbow rush

How well did it work? - It was alright, didn't keep me as focused as I thought it would.

Ordered on
May 22nd, 2021
Reviewed on
May 27th, 2021
Ordered on
May 19th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 24th, 2021
The taste is great. Mixes really well. Used it for the first time this morning and I was ready to take on the weights.

Flavor Ordered - Limeaid

How well did it work? - Fantastic!

Angie Baker
Ordered on
May 18th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 23rd, 2021
I like your products but extremely annoyed that this tub does not have a scoop. UghI dont like to leave low ratings. Just super inconvenient to pay for a product and wait for it to be mailed and theres something missing. Taste and effect is good otherwise.

Flavor Ordered - Limeade

James Butler
Ordered on
May 13th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 18th, 2021
This stuff works great! Hits a lot better then I thought. Gave me a crazy drive to help push me though the work!

Flavor Ordered - Deer candy

How well did it work? - Freakin awesome

Ordered on
April 23rd, 2021
Reviewed on
May 4th, 2021
Honestly the best energy boost and focus of any preworkout I've taken. I was worried about the activated charcoal collecting at the bottom, but it really does just mix right in with no bad after taste. I've got BAMF next on my shopping list!

Flavor Ordered - Deer Candy

How well did it work? - Outstanding

Tim Doerfler
Ordered on
April 27th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 2nd, 2021
Flavor taste is great and smooth, gets the job done

Flavor Ordered - Rainbow rush

How well did it work? - Working well

Late Night Lifts
No stims to keep you up at night. Let the crippling anxiety do that
For when you really don't want to




What are adrenals? For all you stim-junkies out there



Added Nootropics
Cognition for studying video games
Improved Nutrient Uptake / Detoxification
It's a lot of sciency stuff, but trust me, you'll love it.
All Natural
No artificial coloring or sweeteners. (You're already sweet enough!)
Can be drunk from the skulls of your fallen enemies
The original, and in my opinion, still the greatest "end zone" dance in history.
Amazing Taste
Sweet or sour, (personality or tastebuds) we got you.
I promise you'd rather tingle in a squat rack, than tingle binging a series.
Extra Extra Tingly
"If some is good, then more is better." -My Alcoholic Abusive Stepdad
Because sometimes, it's all that's left between you and blowing up the Death Star.
Extra Focus
If lazy Star Wars writers have taught us anything, it's that there will be more sequels, with more Death Stars.
Keto Friendly
(All fad diets friendly)
Insatiable Drive to Conquer Your Goals
Get that revenge body. Therapy can wait.
  • Citrulline: 6g to maximize blood flow (nitric oxide booster) *
  • Actigin®: Increase VO2 MAX & boost athletic performance
  • Deer Antler Velvet: helps improve recovery
  • Alphasize®: Clinically shown to sharpen mental focus
  • Astragin®: Clinically shown to increase citrulline absorption
  • Beta-Alanine: Promotes strength, endurance, & muscle growth *
  • Humic/Fulvic Acid Mineral Blend: Encourages healthy detoxification + nutrient absorption

Take 1 serving 15-30 minutes before your workout for increased energy, pump, focus, endurance, and (of course) nutrient absorption+.

Note: BUCKED UP BLACK will NOT break a fast or kick you out of ketosis.
Editor’s Tip: Consider our BLACK series pre-workouts a way to hack your way out of those post-cheat day symptoms. We can’t say it’ll totally negate that entire pizza you ate last night, but it might accelerate your journey back to healthy-living.

  • STAG/DOE Multivitamin: We’ll assume if you like the cleansing benefits of BLACK, you care about your overall health. Turns out multivitamins are crucial for that...weird, right? (one serving upon waking)
  • Immune Support: Don’t just improve health, optimize it with a multivitamin designed to promote healthy aging, soothe inflammation, and strengthen immune function. (one serving either upon waking or before bed)
  • Collagen: Not just for hair, skin, and nails, Collagen is a powerful protein for aging gracefully, building muscle, and even improving sleep. (One serving before bed)
  • Sleep Support: Speaking of sleep, here’s a fun fact: your sleep quality impacts the quality of your workouts (and workout recovery). Sleep Support is designed to improve your sleep quality from the inside out, without making you feel drowsy the day after. (one serving before bed)
  • The Original BCAA: For muscle recovery, endurance, and added hydration. (Can be sipped throughout the day and/or taken during workout)
Featured At
Lucky Vitamin, Vitamin World, GNC - Live Well, VASA Fitness

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