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Conventional whey protein produces conventional results. If you’re anything like us, you reject convention. You don’t want ordinary results. You want extraordinary results. We want that for you too. That’s why we made BUCK FEED Protein.

Loaded with 25 grams of all-natural, grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free protein, BUCK FEED is a powerful, healthy way to help build muscle, manage weight, and achieve the extraordinary. BUCK FEED uses no artificial colors, sweeteners or added sugars.


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It’s no secret that protein plays a powerful role in muscle repair and growth. As a macronutrient, protein is foundational to building lean muscle. Supplementing with whey protein can increase protein synthesis, accelerate recovery, and support overall health. That being said, not all whey is created equal.

Not only is BUCK FEED sourced with 100% grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free whey protein, it also comes packed with 100mg of deer antler velvet extract to further boost recovery, then a precise enzyme blend for uptake and digestion. This combination makes BUCK FEED a staple for anyone who cares about their health and fitness.

The benefits from going grass-fed -- and therefore dodging gainz-damaging antibiotics and hormones -- are so superb it’s almost shocking. Sourced with grass-fed protein, which is known to be rich in CLA and Omega-3 fatty acids, BUCK FEED can deliver extra benefits when it comes to healthy weight management, and optimal function.

Conventional whey proteins come from conventional farming, a practice that includes keeping dairy and beef cows in small spaces with zero access to grazing or fresh air, pumping them full of hormones and antibiotics, and also feeding the cows soy and corn-fed pellets (cows’ gastrointestinal systems aren’t built to digest these).

BUCK FEED is totally hormone and antibiotic free, which can lead to better results, and a better sense of health and wellbeing. Go grass-fed, all natural. Safeguard yourself (and your goals) from the hindrances of hormones and antibiotics. FEED your BUCK the right way.

For anyone looking to make a lower carbon footprint, BUCK FEED is the perfect way to start: Conventional herding practices -- used for conventional whey -- leave behind a trail of scorched earth. Whether it’s continuous grazing or feedlotting, either the animals, the land, or both will suffer -- kind of like your gains when using conventional whey. On the other hand, organic farmers tend to employ rotational grazing, a method that enhances soil quality and produces more nutritious milk; better milk = more nutritious whey (see above, CLA and Omega-3). In other words, go with BUCK FEED. The world might just thank you. With added gainz, of course.

The Other Guys can blend cheap whey with unhealthy artificial sweeteners, then slap a gimmicky flavor on the packaging. But that’s not us, and it’s not you. You don’t need to be thinking of overrated sugar cereals or cardboard cookies when you’re drinking whey. You need to be thinking about something far sweeter -- muscle recovery, and gainz. Your choice of protein says a lot about you, and you’re not a child anymore. Go grass-fed.

Ordered on
November 17th, 2021
Reviewed on
February 26th, 2022
Worse chocolate peanut butter protein Ive had. Doesnt mix well, taste bitter.

Flavor Ordered - Chocolate peanut butter

How well did it work? - Not good

Ordered on
November 15th, 2021
Reviewed on
January 17th, 2022
Ive tried many types of proteins in my day and this is by far one of the worst tasting chocolate. Im a big fan of all the other preworkout flavors and thought Id give the protein a try but it was a mistake. Cant even get through the tub.

Flavor Ordered - Chocolate

How well did it work? - Bad

Ordered on
November 15th, 2021
Reviewed on
January 7th, 2022
Ordered this during the Black Friday sale. I am beyond relieved I did not pay full price for this. I ordered the cookies and cream flavor and it is extremely nasty. I its difficult to mask the strong flavor and I have to force myself to drink it. Please note, this does NOT taste like cookies and cream.

Flavor Ordered - Cookies and cream

How well did it work? - Wouldnt recommend

Stephen Kodluk
Ordered on
November 17th, 2021
Reviewed on
December 14th, 2021
Cookies and Cream may have been the worst protein that I have ever tried. I was expecting this to taste just as well as the rest of the products, but I was wrong. The flavor taste like chemicals and I do not even know what to do with the rest of my tub considering I spent $65 on it.

Flavor Ordered - Cookies and Cream

How well did it work? - awful

Zoe May
Ordered on
May 19th, 2020
Reviewed on
July 30th, 2021
I love this product and would recommend to anyone gluten free or someone that doesnt like gritty powders. The only reason I didnt give 5 stars is I have ordered three times now and the containers arent full only about 2/3 full I would prefer to get a full container Im not paying for air!

Flavor Ordered - Vanilla

How well did it work? - Perfect

Jodi Burley
Ordered on
May 10th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 14th, 2021
Did not like this flavor at all but like the product.

Flavor Ordered - Vanilla

Ordered on
April 22nd, 2021
Reviewed on
April 30th, 2021
Great flavor with no chalky after-taste.

Flavor Ordered - Chocolate

How well did it work? - Awesome

Tatum payne
Ordered on
April 12th, 2021
Reviewed on
April 16th, 2021
Amazing taste amazing results

Flavor Ordered - Vanilla

How well did it work? - Great

Ordered on
March 28th, 2021
Reviewed on
April 3rd, 2021
Tastes really good. I liked the Vanilla, but I went back to this because of how good it was. Its not too chocolatey, nor too peanut buttery.

Flavor Ordered - Chocolate Peanut Butter

How well did it work? - So far so good.

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