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Buck Feed, is the newest innovation from Bucked UP. The next step in post workout and Training nutrition.  Recovery and nutrition are the arguably the most important tangible results. Incorporate Buck Feed into your training regiment for enhanced results*

Loaded with 25 Grams of all-natural, grass-fed, hormone free protein and 100mg of deer antler velvet extract. A precise enzyme blend for uptake and digestion and absolutely no artificial colors, sweeteners or added sugar.

2.35lbs / 30 Servings


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Samantha Baker
I just ordered Buck Feed for the first time and you really can't go wrong with ordering this product! Both flavors are delicious and have been a great addition to my daily routine. I still haven't decided which flavor I like better... they are both so good!!
Steve Lewis
Very good protein. Taste and mixes well. Great product all around.
Ive had a lot of protein shakes out their havent had nothing that compares to buck feed
Prince Fitness
I got my order for the buck feed, racked bcaas, arganine, and glutamine. And all i can say is the taste of each of these products speaks for itself. Not too sweet at all, mixes well. will surely be re-ordering.
Aaron Duran
Im actually seeing a lot of great progress on my body! it gives me an extra boost that I need to keep going
Chris Fiellin
I have been using the pre-workout for about 3 weeks and recently started using the Protien. Amazing option for a low carb low fat Protien that really allows you to enjoy when ever you want. I was sold on Jym products but this is quickly becoming my go to supplement product.
Eli Penka
I am a bikini competitor and its hard to find protein with high protein and low carbs espically for peek week. This protein mixes well, taste great and fits into my macros when Im in off season and in full blown training. I enjoy it and very pleased!!!
Ive tried a lot of proteins and this is hands down the best. I tried the chocolate and the vanilla and they both have amazing texture and flavor. I love that its made with natural flavors and sweeteners. Its good with just water or blended into a smoothie. SO GOOD & a must buy.
Patrick Jett
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