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Build muscle. Stay lean.

ALL BULK NO BLOAT is for those who believe in what others claim is impossible; that we can simultaneously build muscle and stay lean. The first of its kind, this revolutionary zero calorie bulker has been formulated with limitation destroying ingredients. By increasing glucose uptake, improving growth hormone secretion, and boosting your body’s ability to recover between workouts, ALL BULK NO BLOAT does away with the idea that you need to get fat to build muscle. Let the neanderthals continue clubbing away at their archaic bulk:cut cycles while you chase down your goals, torch in hand.  

  • Magnesium: plays vital role in the synthesis of the body’s “currency” of energy - adenosine triphosphate, better known as ATP.

  • Glutamine: increase athletic performance, boost metabolism, improve muscle recovery and build muscle

  • HMB: Prevents overtraining and muscle wasting.

  • Betaine Anhydrous: By promoting protein synthesis, Betaine Anhydrous has been shown to improve body composition, and help with muscle growth and fat loss.

  • Taurine: Helps to regulate hydration, directing hydrating nutrients to wherever they’re most needed at any given time, while also regulating fat molecules for improved energy production.

  • Glycine: The anti-aging amino acid, Glycine helps enhance growth hormone secretion.  

  • Alanine: a vital player in the body’s protein biosynthesis, L-Alanine is a powerful nutrient for those seeking muscle growth.

  • HICA: Also known as leucic acid, HICA is an anti catabolic and anabolic agent. Reduce catabolism, increase anabolism, make gains.

  • Alpha Ketoisocaproic Acid: mitigate muscle fatigue onset and the force attenuation experienced during high-intensity training.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A powerful antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been shown to increase glucose uptake in the cells, therefore improving muscle performance, and insulin utilization.

  • Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid: mTOR or the human tested, clinically proven trademark, “MEDIATOR” has been shown to be a key regulator for muscle mass in the human body.

Is this considered a weight gainer product?

No, it's a Lean Mass Primer.

Can you mix it with a pre workout?


By adding this supplement to my diet how does that affect the calories I need to consume?

That depends on your goals.

Do you take it during workout, after workout, or before workout?

It's most important you take it fasted, the time of the day is not important.

What is the taste, if any?

Peach Lemonade


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Reviewed on
May 14th, 2019
Ordered on
May 7th, 2019
This is DELICIOUS! It is a great drink, there will be some granules left in the bottom of your cup, but that is to be expected (I just add more water to get the rest).I also add it to the Killer OJ Pre-Workout from time to time, and that is wonderful.
Reviewed on
April 16th, 2019
Ordered on
April 5th, 2019
It's too soon to comment on the effectiveness of this product.. if it truly works, it may be worth more than the 3 stars. However, this product does not dissolve well. A good portion of the powder stays at the bottom no matter how much I try to mix it. Also, the flavor (Peach Lemonade) - while not terrible, there is no bad aftertaste or anything and is actually tasty - is not exactly what I'd like to be reaching for before my coffee in the morning (which is the only time of day that I am fasted), especially when you also get a mouthful of undissolved powder with it. Hopefully they can fix the formula so it dissolves better, and maybe add some different flavors... but I'm anxious to see how well the product works.
Reviewed on
March 28th, 2019
Ordered on
March 22nd, 2019
I love the tast and I am excited to see the results!

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