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PUMP-ocalypse is formulated to enhance every workout. A blend of nitric oxide boosters -- Citrulline, Arginine, and Agmatine -- helps to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. This allows more blood to reach the muscles. Betaine Anhydrous and GlycerPump increase cellular hydration to ensure your muscles are receiving as much of the nutrients they so desperately need to reach their full size.

Most pump products work only on improving your pump -- surprise. Not us. We want more. We’re insatiable. You should be too. We add in PeakO2, which has been shown to increase power output over time.


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PUMP-ocalypse is not for those who would abuse its power. PUMP-ocalypse is for those who train in preparation for doomsday. It’s for those brave enough to flex before a mirror -- not for mere vanity, but to assess their work of art.

It’s also for anyone who seeks more than to simply look good -- not that there’s anything wrong with that, wear those gainz with pride. We added Peak O2, a trademarked adaptogen clinically shown to increase strength over time. That way, no one can ever accuse you of being “all show,” and if they do....joke’s on them. Flex on your haters and when that’s not enough, out lift them too.

WARNING: Potential Side Effects May Include:

  • Painful pumps
  • Vascularity: never before seen veins become visible
  • Crippling quadriceps pump -- bring a wheelchair
  • Compression pants may be forever altered from glute gains
  • Torn shirt sleeves are not unheard of -- wear a tank top
  • Becoming too strong for your own good (kidding, there’s no such thing)
Ordered on
January 13th, 2022
Reviewed on
January 23rd, 2022
This product is crazy. Gave my legs a pump even just after my warmup of stairs.

Flavor Ordered - Grape gainz

How well did it work? - Great

Ordered on
June 4th, 2021
Reviewed on
June 9th, 2021
Puuuump it up, baby! Worked phenomenally. Taste is 10/10. I love blue raz flavored anything!

Flavor Ordered - Blue Raz

How well did it work? - Very well!

Dave Maguire
Ordered on
May 22nd, 2021
Reviewed on
May 28th, 2021
AMAZING... You have to add this to your pre-workout. I'm glad a sample of PUMP came with the large sample pack order. I tried some and now I'm hooked. If you are not using PUMP with your pre-workout, you are missing a lot

Flavor Ordered - Blue RAZ

How well did it work? - AMAZING

Kim Reburn
Ordered on
May 6th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 17th, 2021
I LOVE Pump! I notice a huge difference when I don't take it. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes for it to kick in for me, but once it does, I can lift more and you can see a big difference! I don't workout without it!

Flavor Ordered - Blue Raz

How well did it work? - Amazing!

Daniel Levitin
Ordered on
May 11th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 15th, 2021
The product worked great. I came home after a day of doing chest and triceps and my billet brother noticed my veins and my upper body looked more pump.

Flavor Ordered - Blue Razz

How well did it work? - The product worked great.

Ordered on
May 5th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 14th, 2021
Best pump product on the market

Flavor Ordered - Ive had all flavors, and the only one I dont care for is grape.

How well did it work? - Phenomenal.

Ordered on
April 29th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 10th, 2021
Awesome pump better then I expected and great flavor.

Flavor Ordered - Blue Raz

How well did it work? - Very good

Weylin Cooley
Ordered on
April 30th, 2021
Reviewed on
May 9th, 2021
Amazing. Super excited to see how it will help me!

Flavor Ordered - Grape Gainz

How well did it work? - Fantastic

Ordered on
May 3rd, 2021
Reviewed on
May 8th, 2021
Really didn't know what to expect from PUMP. Ordered a sample pack that included PUMP. Mixed it with my pre-workout, and was really impressed with the results.

Flavor Ordered - Blue Raz

How well did it work? - Amazing

Late Night Lifts
No stims to keep you up at night. Let the crippling anxiety do that
For when you really don't want to




What are adrenals? For all you stim-junkies out there



Added Nootropics
Cognition for studying video games
Improved Nutrient Uptake / Detoxification
It's a lot of sciency stuff, but trust me, you'll love it.
All Natural
No artificial coloring or sweeteners. (You're already sweet enough!)
Can be drunk from the skulls of your fallen enemies
The original, and in my opinion, still the greatest "end zone" dance in history.
Amazing Taste
Sweet or sour, (personality or tastebuds) we got you.
I promise you'd rather tingle in a squat rack, than tingle binging a series.
Extra Extra Tingly
"If some is good, then more is better." -My Alcoholic Abusive Stepdad
Because sometimes, it's all that's left between you and blowing up the Death Star.
Extra Focus
If lazy Star Wars writers have taught us anything, it's that there will be more sequels, with more Death Stars.
Keto Friendly
(All fad diets friendly)
Insatiable Drive to Conquer Your Goals
Get that revenge body. Therapy can wait.
  • GlycerPump (Glycerol Powder 65%): GlycerPump is a patented supplement that causes Hyperhydration in the blood and tissues, leading to epic pumps.
  • L-Citrulline: for maximal blood flow and PUMP.
  • Peak O2 Blend: Scientifically developed blend of mushroom strains shown to improve performance and power output. These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens -- natural substance that help athletes adapt to physical and mental stress. Contains high levels of what’s called a “master” antioxidant. In the fight against oxidative damage, consider Peak O2 Gandalf in Return of the King (aka cheat codes). A decrease in oxidative damage = faster recovery, ability to train longer. Peak O2 can also improve oxygen uptake and oxygen utilization. Turns out breathing is important for gaining muscle and peak performance.
  • Arginine HCL: For compounded PUMP results.
  • Agmatine Sulfate: * A supplement with extensive scientific studies backing it, Agmatine is a naturally occurring derivative of the amino acid Arginine. It promotes healthy blood circulation and delivers potent pumps. Helps regulate enzymes responsible for nitric oxide production. Healthy nitric oxide levels put your nutrients on a fast track to get where they need to go -- your muscles -- in order to be utilized for optimum gains -- aka muscle growth and recovery
  • Betaine Anhydrous: Considered a powerful pre-workout augmenter and performance increasing supplement, Betaine Anhydrous can boost power output, optimize cellular hydration, and increase SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine), which has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. *

Link to PUMP-ocalypse The Pump is the Cure (see below for additional information) https://blog.buckedup.com/bucked-up-supplements/PUMP-ocalypse-the-pump-is-the-cure/

One serving 20-30 minutes before your workout.

May also be taken upon waking for a quick way to hydrate (dehydration is not ideal for daily function, and PUMP-ocalypse’s hyper hydration properties can be seriously awesome)

  • The Original BCAA: For muscle recovery, endurance, and added hydration
  • ALL BULK NO BLOAT: for, well, everything -- recovery, nutrient utilization, protein synthesis, hormone health, lean muscle mass gains, strength (post-workout)
  • Six Point Creatine: For increased strength, power, endurance, and oh so much more (post-workout or pre-workout)
  • WOKE AF BLACK: Our highest stimulant pre-workout, plus the mineral blend humic/fulvic acid, which can improve nutrient absorption -- making the pump that much “swoller.” (one serving 15-20 minutes pre-workout)
  • Exogenous Ketones: We’re giving you a “cheat code” right here. Exogenous Ketones aren’t just for those in ketosis or fat burning. Pseudo-Studies performed by the inner sanctum (BUCKED UP staff/athletes) have shown that Exogenous Ketones taken pre-workout amplifies the PUMP.
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Lucky Vitamin, Vitamin World, GNC - Live Well, VASA Fitness

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