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Are you an on-the-go type of person? Of course you are just look at you!

Don't carry an entire bottle around with you, take a single serving if it fits your live style! BUCKED UP Key Chain Funnel is perfect for those that go straight to the gym after work, use a water bottle, or just want a single serving on the go. Just twist off the top and add 1 serving. When you are ready to partake of your goods, simply twist off the bottom and pour into your bottle!

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Ordered on
December 19th, 2019
Reviewed on
December 24th, 2019
So convenient, now I can carry my protein in a single serve instead of keeping the whole damn bag in my truck, its the little things in life that make me happy
Casie E
Ordered on
October 21st, 2019
Reviewed on
October 27th, 2019
Super convenient to have! Love it!
Ordered on
May 15th, 2019
Reviewed on
May 20th, 2019
Definitely a sturdy product, first day I received it, my one year old(yes he was being watch) grabbed it and put it to through a test. In the end it does what it needs to do.
Maria Petisco
Ordered on
November 27th, 2019
Reviewed on
December 10th, 2019
Wasnt the funnel that I ordered, it was a different one which I was disappointed

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