RUT Testosterone Booster

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  • Peak Body Composition*
  • Increased Stamina*
  • Superior Libido*
  • Hormonal Health*
  • Maximizes Vitality*

Highest dose of KSM-66 on the market (750mg)*
Vitamin D3, Iron, Zinc & B9 for a healthy & strong free test foundation*

Organic Tribulus standardized to 95% (750mg)*
Tongkat Ali for a stronger sex drive and stamina* DIM for estrogen metabolization

Rut, has been fully disclosed so you can see the true potential and benefits from incorporating this into your daily regiment. Utilizing your hormones is one of the keys to unlocking your true potential. Not just in the gym, but in your work and personal life. Rut, has been formulated to help give you an advantage in life and achieving your goals*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA


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Stephen Bougher
Strength, beard game, and sex drive got much better while Taking Rut
Harvey Malloch
I love how it helps me to focus
Al Gaona
Awesome product can feel the difference
Henry Ortiz
Product didn't have any affect. Total waste of money
Joseph J. Wetzel
This is hands down the best booster I have ever used! And the woke AF pre workout is intense! I have a busy law enforcement and military schedule and it was strong enough to keep me going after my shifts.
John Kernan
So far this product has been an incredible purchase. I have noticed a huge increase in my stamina and overall energy throughout the day. This product is extremely helpful in increase lean mass and improves overall body composition.
George Hill
So, I started taking this testosterone booster about almost 4 weeks ago and I am going to be real honest about my review because it is life-changing. During the first week I was not able to notice much difference just my sex drive was increased. On week two my body was still adjusting to it but I noticed changes in energy throughout the day and endurance throughout my work outs. Now, let me tell you about week THREE. Week three was phenomenal. I was amazed at the energy I had throughout the entire day. I felt like at this point I have reached a peak of the booster but it has not stopped. It only gets better as I keep taking it daily. I am 25 years old but I feel like I am younger with more strength, sex drive, confidence, and energy. I ordered a new bottle about 3 days ago because this has truly changed my life. I never thought there was such a supplement that makes you feel this amazing and take your work outs to whole better level. I recommend it to anyone honestly. This is easy a 200 dollar worth bottle. The price is so cheap to me seeing at everything it has done. It is fantastic. I am amazed.
Definitely noticed that my stamina levels were off the charts, strength levels became very noticeable within a week and a half tops. Taking this first thing in the morning as directed gives me so much more energy threw out the day without fatigue.
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